The Evolution of Business Email Compromise Attacks (InfoRiskToday)


The Evolution of Business Email Compromise Attacks

The ABA’s Denyette DePierro Says Next-Generation Email Spoofing Is Fooling Smaller Companies

As fraudsters continue to improve their email spoofing and, in some cases, their email takeover techniques with better socially engineered schemes, business email compromise attacks will become more successful , says Denyette DePierro, vice president and senior counsel of the Center for Payments and Cybersecurity at the American Bankers Association. But what role can banking institutions play in helping ensure that their smaller commercial customers are not victimized?

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In this video interview at Information Security Media Group’s 2017 Atlanta Fraud and Breach Prevention Summit about targeted business email compromise attacks, DePierro discusses:

  • Why smaller businesses are such easy targets;
  • How the American Bankers Association is working with banks to help develop customer education campaigns to help curb BEC-related losses; and
  • The role social media plays in the schemes.

DePierro joined the American Bankers Association in March 2008. She focuses on the state, federal and international regulation of technology, cybersecurity, privacy and data security and emerging trends in banking, including fintech, blockchain, internet of things, artificial intelligence and social media. Previously, she was legislative counsel of the Independent Community Bankers of America in Washington and the California Independent Bankers in Newport Beach, California.

Source: SANS ISC SecNewsFeed @ May 4, 2017 at 10:48AM