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Publishing industry CRM software developer Mirabel Technologies has introduced Marketing Manager, a platform for identifying web site visitors and discerning how best to approach each individual as a new customer.

With built-in marketing metrics, data appending and myriad lead-generation features, the new product arose from the frustration of Mirabel’s own executives with existing CRM platforms.

“We couldn’t find a platform that was as good as we wanted it to be in trying to figure out which leads were coming to our website,” said Mirabel Technologies president Mark McCormick. “That ultimately became the concept behind Marketing Manager.”

Unlike most existing CRM solutions, the new tool not only helps to enhance customer relationships but also addresses the challenges of prospecting, visitor identification and data appending which occurs much earlier in the sales funnel.

Using Mirabel’s proprietary database of more than nine million businesses and nearly 90 million email addresses, the new solution can append data to nearly any web site visitor or email address captured on a landing page, website, or form submission.

Basic contact information, such as IP address and phone number, are common data points provided by this category of CRM tool. But Marketing Manager also automatically appends data in such unusual fields as fellow employees, their job titles, their email addresses, and a company’s reported revenue.

By integrating with powerful marketing tools from other companies, Marketing Manager ranks, scores, and aggregates target prospects based on triggers such as whitepaper downloads, email opens, video views, and meeting requests.

“Having all of this marketing data in one app is a big advantage,” said Jakob Fenger, Mirabel’s director of client engagement. “This product does the heavy lifting of data mining and gives (sales reps) a shortcut to finding more clients.”

Mark Corbett, associate publisher at Gulfstream Media Group, has been using Marketing Manager since last year. 
“We’ve already seen its value and what it can do,” he said. “In the last six months, this app added 3,000 new records to our CRM and 5% of them converted already.”

Key Takeaways:

• Customer relationships begin even before a prospect becomes a customer.

• Giving sales representatives access to ever-finer levels of detail about web site visitors can streamline converting prospects into customers.

• CRM that provides real-time data mining eases development of key relationships. 


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