Credit Union Boards Want More Productive Meetings (IT Toolbox Blogs)

Credit union board members want better and more productive meetings – simple, right? There are plenty of tips out there for running better board meetings, from sticking to your agenda to stopping members from hijacking the conversation. The best way to learn how to have more productive board meetings is to listen to your directors – they will tell you how to improve meetings, whether or not agendas are focused on the right issues, and how they like to work. To do that, your credit union board needs the tools to listen and engage with directors, such as a board portal. Below are four of the ways that board portals can help you improve boardroom productivity.


#1 Easy Administration


The path to more productive meetings begins with administration, and by giving admin more time to prepare and organize documents, you set your board meetings up for success. When you introduce a platform like Aprio board meeting management software, you streamline meeting invitations, board book distribution, and security. A board portal should also have multi-layered access for In Camera sessions or when you invite non-directors to meetings to brief directors on a new issue. When your Corporate Secretary has access to a suite of tools with simple solutions to the complex logistical problems of planning board meetings, distributing information, and maintaining confidentiality, they can focus on strategies for planning more productive meetings.


#2 Assign More Pre-Reading


Meetings have a habit of going on for longer than you bargained for, often because there isn’t enough time budgeted for the important discussion that has to happen between directors. Contextualizing the discussion point often goes over time when it doesn’t need to; by assigning a synopsis as pre-reading on a board portal means everyone enters the room prepared and ready to discuss the issue. Secure document sharing is at the core of any successful board portal and it’s easy to utilize to improve productivity in the board room.


#3 Remote Resolution


Not all issues need a meeting to be resolved; the board portal made by vendor Aprio is one option that allows directors to reach a resolution remotely. Whether they’re paid or volunteer, directors can’t always meet to discuss and reach a consensus immediately when a sensitive issue arises. That’s why you need a portal that allows directors to discuss documents in-platform and vote or electronically sign without having to be in the same room together, another feature offered by Aprio. Remote voting can also help you save time during meetings by clearing up minor agenda items, such as the previous meeting’s minutes, beforehand.


#4 Survey and Assess


The way toward more effective board meetings is listening and responding to director feedback; rather than take up valuable meeting time conducting surveys, board portal tools can make it easy to do after the fact. Ask directors if they’re content with the way meetings are conducted and if they believe that the board’s present focus is valuable.


Board portals give you the tools to improve director engagement and self-assess your performance. Credit unions have no shortage of challenges to face in the years ahead and they need every resource available to meet them head on.


Source: SANS ISC SecNewsFeed @ May 2, 2017 at 07:05PM