Recover Shipping Duties With An Importer Of Record (IT Toolbox Blogs)

When a shipment of goods arrives at a foreign border, it undergoes a complex and comprehensive process before officials accept it into the country. For specialty items such as IT equipment, dual-use goods, and controlled-use goods, the procedure becomes even more involved as these materials have the capabilities to be used both for peaceful and military applications. Cloud-based computing equipment (even when it’s for civilian use, like Facebook for example) is an extremely sensitive and pricey commodity. Those who export these materials, like technology resellers and value-added resellers leasing to world-wide cloud-based service providers, must procure the necessary documentation. 


Depending on the requirements of the country a reseller is exporting to, preparing these papers and permits can become involved and time-consuming. However, if even a small detail is neglected on one of the many important documents, their shipment risks being held at customs. These delays can be costly and incredibly inconvenient, putting both the reseller and their client in uncomfortable positions.


Without having specialized knowledge of a given country’s importing regulations, the likelihood of making a mistake increases exponentially. Fortunately, there are companies that hold this specialized knowledge and experience that can guide your shipment from point A to B; over international borders compliantly and without the associated stress. TecEx is a global distribution partner with points of presence in 136 countries. They can act as your Importer of Record when you require a delivery to be made to any of these places, securing all the required materials to accompany a shipment like commercial invoices, freight delivery waybills, and customs supporting documentation. Furthermore, they can retrieve a Value-Added Tax Refund for you from as many as 40 countries that make this refund available.Head over to and see how they can remove many of the pain points associated with commercial shipping, and how they’ve have saved their partners thousands of dollars in unforeseen expenses. 


Typically, they obtain customs preapproval within 1-3 days of receiving your invoice, and customs clearance 3-7 days thereafter. Their hands-on approach is unique in that they also provide their partners with real-time updates, an import tracker afforded by their online portal, and access to an on-the-ground team that sees the delivery reaches its destination once clearing customs. In addition to working with your forwarder or freight service, they also offer their own delivery service in these 136 countries so your valuable assets can avoid passing through multiple hands. 


When cloud-based computing companies rely on the lease of your equipment to successfully deliver a myriad of services to their consumers around the globe, they expect this equipment to arrive promptly, without burdening them with unanticipated costs. If you are a technology reseller and you want to remain in high standing with your clients, consider utilizing the expertise of a global distribution partner. They are familiar with the differing laws, regulations, and exceptions that meet packages at many borders around the world, and can alleviate many of the troubles you might encounter by taking on the process alone.

Source: SANS ISC SecNewsFeed @ May 1, 2017 at 07:09PM