Sniffer/Dropper – Program to sniff and drop network packets.

This Sniffer/Dropper program uses the libpcap library to sniff packets of an ongoing network activity and drop packets according to a specified exponential algorithm. The program can be used to degrade network quality for streaming audio and video.

The filter expression in the file sniffer.c can be altered to accomodate several network activities running across different ports. A desired algorithm by which to govern packet drops can be implemented in the drop_interval_gen.c file. The network activity may be simulated by using a separate script file which has not been provided.

– The file specified as an argument to the command is a residue of using the program to sniff the ftp transfer of the aforementioned file.
– It is neccessary to install the libpcap-dev or libpcap0.8-dev package on your linux system to run the program.


git clone && cd sniffer_dropper
gcc -Wall sniffer.c -o sniffer -lpcap -lm
gcc -Wall drop_interval_gen.c -o gendrops -lm
sudo ./ switchfoot.mp3 50


Source: Security List Network™ @ March 6, 2017 at 06:37PM