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First of all, let me inform you that at the #infosec16 SecurityAffairs was awarded as The Best European Personal Security Blog

·        Shamoon 2 malware, ASERT has shed light on the C2 and the infection process
·        US Oil and Gas Industry unprepared to mitigate risks in operational technology (OT) environments
·        Roberts Hawaii tour company hacked, credit card and personal info exposed
·        Security Affairs newsletter Round 101 – News of the week
·        Russian cyber experts were charged with treason due to the allegations made seven years ago
·        CVE-2017-0037 – Google Project Zero discloses another unpatched Microsoft Edge and IE Vulnerability
·        The Necurs botnet is evolving, now includes a DDoS module
·        Stolen EHR data is flooding criminal underground communities in the Deep Web
·        Prisons and Courts Bill allows mobile networks to deploy IMSI catchers outside of prisons
·        A flaw in ESET Endpoint Antivirus allows to hack Apple Macs, patch it now
·        Boeing notified 36,000 employees following an accidental data leak
·        The Singaporean Defence Ministry was hit by a cyber attack, no secrets were exfiltrated
·        The Gamaredon Group is back with new weapons in its arsenal
·        Amazon S3 outage. Increased error rates. Amazon AWS is down
·        Dridex v4, the dreaded malware has been improved with AtomBombing technique
·        XSS flaws in Zscaler Cloud management software allow logged attackers to hack coworkers
·        SQLi flaw in the NextGEN Gallery plugin exposes at risk of hack more than 1 Million WordPress Installs
·        The Google E2EMail is now fully community-driven open source project
·        Phishing Trends Report – 2016 ended as the worst year for phishing in history
·        Alleged Master Keys for the Dharma Ransomware Leaked on BleepingComputer
·        German foreign intelligence service Spied on Foreign Journalists since 1999
·        Tor webmail provider Sigaint is unavailable at least since February 11
·        ReBreakCaptcha – How to breaking Googles ReCaptcha v2 using Googles APIs
·        High severity bug discovered in CISCO NETFLOW GENERATION APPLIANCE
·        Trolling, Doxing & Cyberstalking: Cybercrime & The Law
·        Researchers spotted a hidden backdoor in Chinese IoT devices from the firm DblTek
·        Talos team spotted a PowerShell malware that uses DNS queries to contact the C2
·        Cloudflare tries to downplay the impact of the Cloudbleed incident
·        Exclusive: A criminal group using SSH TCP direct forward attack is also targeting Italian infrastructure
·        The US Vice President Mike Pences personal AOL account was hacked

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