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The transformation to the virtual cloud enterprise, steps


The virtual cloud enterprise consists of a value chain realised by services provided by external parties but integrated and coordinated by the governance function of the core enterprise.


The EA team must lead the way in modelling the architecture in terms of service functionality and interfaces, choosing and integrating potential solutions. Then EA updates the service design in iterations until agreement is reached.

Next, the EA team evaluates the gaps to existing and issues a roadmap taking into account the end of life of existing platforms, business priorities and technology dependencies and roadmaps.


In parallel, the EA team has to devise, agree and embed in everyday business processes, such as New Product and Capability Development, Change Management, Strategy Specification, Solution/Project Architecture, operational maintenance…,  the reference to EA, the architecture principles and standards that would guide the EA application and decision taking process during the enterprise transformation.

That is, EA has to establish a self running governance that incorporates EA in the business as usual so that every development takes EA into account EA by default. No excuse. This way the Enterprise Architect does not become a bottleneck in the transformation process. The quality of EA can ruin the whole process though. 


Then, starting from the roadmap, the enterprise programme, strategy and EA teams proceed to planning that is, organising the transformation in workstreams according to the roadmap assigning  priorities, resources and establishing timetables.


The transformation is open ended. It should be done in time bounded iterations with deliverables that return immediate benefits to the enterprise stakeholders. That is the transformation process employs agile principles.

The target architecture, that represents the enterprise reference, should be modelled upfront though. Iterations nevertheless may update the target picture.



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