Michigan developer quot;declares warquot; on CRM data duplication (IT Toolbox Blogs)

Faulty data entry – e.g. contact names being entered multiple times in slightly different spellings or variants – is a commonly occurring flaw with CRM systems. It can lead not only to duplication of records but also makes it difficult for sales and customer services personnel to track down relevant data.

And there lies the rationale for developing a new solution that prevents the duplication of data now being launched onto the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform. Designed by QGate, the company calls it a game changer for organizations that rely on Microsoft Dynamics and the data within their system. 

Called Paribus Interactive, the new system uses intelligent matching to surface multiple records that may have been entered into a CRM database already. The objective is to save time for users and bring new levels of efficiency to the process.

Paribus is a subscription-based solution, embedded into Microsoft Dynamics and powered by an intelligent, fuzzy matching engine. It can find people and organizations alike across the account, contact and lead areas in the same search. The matching capability is applied to the lookup function available in opportunities and cases.


In addition, when a user is creating a new account or contact, the solution checks for existing similar records. Results are immediately displayed, and users can navigate to those records on the spot, instead of creating a duplicate.

QGate claims that Paribus Interactive is “significantly more effective” than the standard Dynamics 365/CRM duplicate detection capabilities. It is also configurable, which allows companies to adapt it to their own CRM systems if required.

Key Takeaways:

• QGate describes Discovery as the prevention of data duplication. 

• The solution is being made available initially for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and above, including Dynamics 365. 

• Additional CRM systems will be supported in the future. 


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