Don’t be fooled by Recruiter Spamming (IT Toolbox Blogs)

Online networking sites can be a useful tool, but you need to beware of Recruiiter spam.  It’s a new kind of spam that I’ve started getting lately.  At first I was a little pulled in by it.  But I’m wise it now.  You should be too.


It all starts with a recruiter who is doing a ton of searches on different career or networking websites.  If they find any copy of your resume that includes a phone number or a email address, you’ve been got.


I’ve had one persistent guy who has called twice and left me messages on my phone (exactly identical) and the following pseudo complimentary email (also twice).


Hello Dennis,

This is XXXX with YYYY. I just left a voicemail, I am reaching out to the best candidates and  wanted to ask some questions. Please feel free to give me a call back and if you are on the market for something new I would love to work with you. Thank you for your time.


It sounds innocuous.  It sounds complimentary.  It’s not.  It’s spam.


The bait that’s being thrown out there is the notion that I’m a “best candidate”.  In other words, start the dreams of how much money I could get somewhere else.  Imagine how wonderful it would be to work with this person.


That’s crap.  They guy who has been reaching out to me is in the InfoSec space.  I’ve never held an InfoSec job in my life.  I can’t imagine what he saw on the profile that led him to believe I was a Best Candidate in his world.


Not only that, in a (very cautious) email exchange, he said he found me while looking around on  I couldn’t recall the last time I did anything on Dice, so I just went and looked…  December 2012.  Yes, and it’s not like the site was shy about the fact that everything there was 4 years old.


Let’s call a spade a spade.  The guy is s placement farmer.  Or maybe he’s a recruiting rancher.  He’s out there pretending to be in my best interest, flattering me to get me to call him, and then he’s going to try to put me in his stable.  The bigger his stable, the more money he can make by placements.


I’m not going to make him any money.  I’m not flattered, and he doesn’t have anything that I want.  But it’s kind of annoying to get calls and emails like this.


There has to be a better way to manage my career than interactions like this!


Photo courtesy of janet galore

Source: SANS ISC SecNewsFeed @ March 2, 2017 at 09:06PM