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Are you a net nominator or mocker?  The answer to this question just might determine if people like to work with you or not.


At my company every quarter we nominate teammates for what’s called the “Star Award”.  It’s a peer recognition program that does a little bit for the pocket book, and a lot for a person’s esteem.  In order to win, the person has to be nominated by (several?) of their peers.  


Actually, no one knows the exact criteria.  But my data suggests that the more people who participate in a nomination, the more likely the person is to get the award.  But now I’m getting distracted from my real point.


If your company has a similar award, how many people have you nominated?  This is a really big deal.  Are you the kind of person who pays attention to what others do in support of the team or of customers?  When you see someone do something great, do you acknowledge it?  Would you go out of your way to make a big deal about it?


If your company doesn’t have this kind of peer award, how active are you on saying thank you and praising  our peers or those who work around you?  Do you notice when someone does a great job?  Do you make noise about it?


Working is hard…. work.  Yes.  It’s not easy.  And most of us work in team oriented environments.  It really sucks to great work and wind up thinking that no one noticed or no one cared.  That’s just wrong.  I don’t care how competitive your culture is.


It’s up to us to keep the “human” in human being. That means we need to be quick with words of praise, encouragement and appreciation.  People need to know that they matter in your work culture.  People need to believe that hard work and excellent effort will be noticed and appreciated.


Frankly, it starts with you.  Not the person next to you, or across the building.  You.  If you don’t take the effort to acknowledge (publicly) what good things others do, then no one will ever do the same for you.


So let this be a (not so) gentle reminder to you.   Nominate someone for a peer award today.  If you can’t do that praise someone deserving in public.  Not only will they feel great, so will you. 


Photo courtesy of frank saptel

Source: SANS ISC SecNewsFeed @ February 28, 2017 at 09:12AM