How the Workplace Will Change In the Next 5 Years (IT Toolbox Blogs)

As technology evolves, it changes the way that we view our jobs or view the way that we run our companies. Thanks to the internet, there is less of a need to actually be in the office to communicate with a colleague, conduct a meeting or even conduct an interview with a potential hire. In what other ways will the workplace evolve over the next five years?

The Concept of Vacation Time Will Change

These days, employers are increasingly doing away with the concept of vacation time. Instead of getting two weeks away from work each year, you may get a collection of paid days off or paid hours off that you can use however and whenever you want.

This eliminates the need to call in sick or play hooky when you don’t feel like coming in. Instead of feeling guilty about not coming to work, an employee can schedule that time in advance, which allows the employer to make alternate arrangements in your absence.

The Relationship Between Worker and Employer Will Change

It is easier than ever to be a freelancer or otherwise work for yourself. As companies are looking to cut labor costs and increase flexibility, they are turning to independent contractors to fill many positions. In some ways, it gives a worker more control over where he or she works and more power to charge a wage that he or she thinks is fair from the beginning.

However, it may also mean that workers are responsible for many of the perks that they took for granted in the past. For instance, they may need to cover their own workers compensation costs as well as provide their own health care and retirement benefits. It may also mean paying the entire share of FICA taxes.

You Probably Won’t Have a Set Schedule

Instead of being asked to come in at 8 a.m. and leave at 5 p.m., you will probably set your own hours or have some leeway to do so. It has become increasingly popular to allow for flexible scheduling or simply giving workers a set number of tasks that need to be completed each day or each week.

How long it takes a worker to complete those tasks as well as when they are completed may be largely left up to the person assigned the work. This may be ideal for those who aren’t morning people, can’t afford daycare for their children or otherwise cherish a lack of routine in their daily lives.

Expect More Collaboration Between All Levels Within a Company

Instead of a strict manager/employee relationship in the workplace, managers and employees may work together to make decisions jointly. While management may retain the final say on most decisions, members of the executive team may rely more on data and the intuition of others to gain insight before making them.

You should also expect that workplaces will become even more diverse over the next several years and beyond. Allowing everyone to be celebrated for who they are may be among the employee appreciation ideas that motivates your people to get more done each day. If your people feel good about working for you, they are more likely to stick around and become loyal brand ambassadors in addition to great workers.

The workplace is going to evolve a great deal over the next five years. Technology will change the way that employers think about their workers and how they do their jobs. As companies become more diverse, it will be even more important to accept and understand the value that everyone can bring to an organization no matter their background.

Source: SANS ISC SecNewsFeed @ February 27, 2017 at 11:15AM