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The best news of the week with Security Affairs.

First of all, let me inform you that at the #infosec16 SecurityAffairs was awarded as The Best European Personal Security Blog

·        An implementation bug in Zerocoin helped hackers steal ZCoins worth $585,000
·        Security Affairs newsletter Round 100 – News of the week
·        New York state cyber security rules will be effective on March 1st
·        RSA Conference 2017 attendees hacked with rogue access points
·        The Russian propaganda is scaring European Intelligence and NATO
·        Here you are the distribution network behind the Ursnif banking Trojan
·        A group of Iraqi hackers called Pro_Mast3r defaced a Trump website
·        Ukrainian Cybercriminal who sent Brian Krebs heroin sentenced to prison in US
·        TeamSpy malware is back, it transforms TeamViewer into a spying software
·        Operation BugDrop – Hackers siphoned 600GB taking control of PC microphones
·        Experts at BAE Systems found false flags in the Lazarus malware
·        Corporate email addresses are 6.2x more targeted by phishing
·        Siklu fixed a serious RCE vulnerability in the Siklu EtherHaul Radios
·        RTM gang is the cybercrime organization that targets remote banking system
·        FTP Injection flaws in Java and Python allows firewall bypass
·        Microsoft releases security updates for Flash Player, but two disclosed flaws remain unpatched
·        For the second time in a few months Montenegro suffered massive and prolonged cyberattacks
·        CVE-2017-6074 – a new 11-year old Linux Kernel flaw discovered
·        Filecoder is the new MacOS ransomware distributed through bittorrent
·        Researchers exfiltrate data by blinking the LEDs on the hard drives
·        Netflix releases the Stethoscope tool to improve security
·        UK police arrested the alleged mastermind of the MIRAI attack on Deutsche Telekom
·        Out-of-band resource load in Google allows attacker to launch a DDoS attack from its servers
·        SHAttered attack, Google and CWI conducted the first SHA-1 collision attack
·        Cloudbleed flaw exposes sensitive data from millions sites behind CloudFlare
·        South Korea targeted by a cyber espionage campaign, experts blame Norks
·        Gmail accounts lockout the users. Glitch or hack, its a mystery
·        Apple internal development servers compromised by a malware
·        Carder forum claims 150 million logins for sale from CloudBleed case
·        A wave of ransom attacks is targeting MySQL Databases worldwide

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