Like a Digital Spider in an Electronic Web (IT Toolbox Blogs)

Today I pretty much sat at my desk all day long.  I had some research to do and papers to write.  I really didn’t move that much.  But I was connected all day long.  But I spent most of the day working with others.


Turns out I work in a quasi-distributed organization.  Key coworkers of mine are in 3 different states.  There’s no amount of getting up or getting about that will help me work with them.  


Sometimes I call.  That’s a nice touch.  But most often we chat on our instant message tool.  It tells me what’s going on with them.  Yes, it’s really a unified communication platform.  I most appreciate that it tells me when they are busy and when they are not.


This is a very nice tool to have.  It really means that everyone I need to engage is really right there in my office – sitting on my desk as it were.  Working with remote coworkers would be a real pain without this technology.


Come to think of it, working in the office would be a lot less efficient too.  UC Chatting isn’t reserved just for remote employees.  I use it just as much with the teams that are just on the other side of the building.


I acknowledge that it would be a lot more healthy to get up and walk over and talk to them.  But sometimes that just takes too much time.  It’s a lot easier to just ping them and get on with what needs to be said.  Or asked.


I’ve gotten pretty good with this tool.  Like a digital spider in an electronic web, I can keep track of a lot of activity with quick little bursts of communication.  Not only that, but I can effectively manage multiple conversations at the same time.  


Not every conversation gets the same attention, but it makes coordinating complex activities pretty simple.  Tools for the modern age.


I sat at my desk all day today, but I was more connected than I was 20 years ago running all over the office building. I like that.


Photo courtesy of Charles Dawley

Source: SANS ISC SecNewsFeed @ February 23, 2017 at 08:12PM