Salesforce increases Quip users’ productivity (IT Toolbox Blogs)

Salesforce has introduced new features to its Quip productivity platform, including the capability to import CRM data into documents and spreadsheets. Overall, the new changes are aimed at increasing the opportunity for collaboration among users.

Salesforce says the features are a direct response to the more hyperconnected nature of the modern workplace. For example, many employees are battling with a disjointed array of email threads and to-do lists, all of which cause tremendous wasted time. 

Among the new features are further integrations for Salesforce users, improved user experience and a new checklist. CRM data can now be imported directly to Quip, including account values and service cases. Quip will also now synch this information automatically with Salesforce.

In addition, Salesforce has introduced Quip Lightning, which enables teams to link, access and create Quip documents, task lists and spreadsheets. Users can find and collaborate on documents within the context of the business.

The checklists feature lets users manage projects within Quip with task utilities that extend beyond owners and due dates. This can enhance everyday workflows by adding reminders. A new sidebar environment and contextual menu features are also integrated, expanding document, spreadsheet and checklist tools so that they can adapt to the work that users perform.

Salesforce says the new features will be available for all Quip users at no extra cost.

Key Takeaways:

• According to the McKinsey Global Institute, companies can raise the productivity of knowledge workers by 25%. 

• Latest research indicates that smarter CRM solutions can help reduce the time they spend dealing with extraneous lists and data.

• Streamlining CRM is a key focus point for large scale providers at the moment: larger customers in particular want their CRMs to save employees’ time and reduce complexity.


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