What Should Trump Do To Help The Power Industry? Four Industry Executives Weigh In (Forbes)

WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 16: U.S. President Donald Trump makes remarks prior to signing H.J. Res. 38, which addresses the impacts of surface coal mining operations on surface water, groundwater, and the productivity of mining operation sites. (Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images)

The electric power industry is still grappling with what President Trump and his Administration mean for the future.  Will the Trump Administration promote coal, natural gas or renewables?  Will it eliminate the EPA?  Will it support new power infrastructure projects, and if so, which kinds?

So far, it’s too early to tell.  But last week in our nation’s capital, the state utility regulators from around the country convened at a conference to talk about, among other things, the Trump Administration.  The annual winter conference, which is run by the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC), is the pre-eminent power industry conference in the country.  The attendance list was a veritable who’s who in the electric sector.

The consensus seems to be that we don’t know exactly what President Trump’s plans are, so I thought the conference would be a perfect time to catch up with a few power executives to see what they think President Trump should do over the next four years to help their industry.

More specifically, I asked them the following (purposefully broad) question:

What are the three most important things the Trump Administration can do to help the power industry over the next few years? 

Here are their responses, in no particular order:

Abigail Ross Hopper – President and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association (the U.S. trade association for solar energy and related businesses)

President Trump can use his infrastructure proposal to modernize how our nation generates, transmits, distributes and stores electric power. Our grid is aging and outdated, and both consumers and producers of electricity would benefit from a grid that can take advantage of innovations in the electric power sector that can increase efficiency, bring cleaner air, and ultimately reduce costs.

Source: SANS ISC SecNewsFeed @ February 22, 2017 at 11:21AM