OWASP AppSec California 2016 – Hard to Port! – A Snapshot of the Vulnerability Landscape in 2015 – Rahim Jina

We begin by taking a high level view of the vulnerability landscape over the past year, from anonymized data gathered from the edgescan vulnerability management SaaS. This data-set provides a snapshot of vulnerabilities in thousands of servers and web applications across the globe.
From this data, we provide our opinion and insight on why we think some of the trends are present and that traditional static approaches to dynamic problems, is producing diminishing results. We ask, what is the ultimate goal, application security or risk? Protecting applications or protecting businesses and data? We note the trend towards a continual approach to application security and see the benefits of ‘pushing left’.
Rahim Jina
Director / Co-Founder
Rahim is a director and co-founder of edgescan™, a SaaS-based managed service based in Ireland. Rahim is responsible for operational excellence and has extensive experience delivering penetration testing services to a wide range of organizations globally across many industry verticals.
Prior to this, Rahim was Head of Product & Operational Security for Fonality, a VOIP provider based in Los Angeles and was also a senior security consultant for a ‘Big 4’ consultancy firm for many years.
Rahim has been an OWASP contributor and volunteer since 2007 and was part of the Dublin chapter board for a number of years.
Rahim graduated in 2002 from Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and in 2006, he completed a Master’s in Security & Forensic Computing from Dublin City University (Ireland).

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