kimi – Malicious Debian Package generator.

Kimi is a script which generates Malicious debian package for metasploit which consists of bash file. the bash file is deployed into “/usr/local/bin/” directory. Bash file injects and acts like some system command which when executed by victim and attacker hits with session.

Plus Points :

— Fully indiependent. Means user no need to install any debian package creator

— Can be integrated with any payload generator easily due to engagements of arguemt (lame 😛 i know)

Kimi basically depends upon web_delivery module and every thing is automated.


+ Metasploit Framework

+ Python 2.7.x


git clone && CD kimi
sudo python -n nano -l -V 1.0


Source: Security List Network™ @ February 20, 2017 at 02:04PM