pydictor – A Useful Hacker Dictionary Builder.

pydictor is a python script for dictionary builder brute-force attack.
1. In the parameters of the program command, to “-” at the beginning of the command, such as “-base”, followed by at least one parameter;
2. In the parameter command of this program, the command beginning with “-“, such as “–conf”, will use the program default value if there is no parameter, otherwise use the user specified one parameter;
3. The user can control all the default settings of the program, such as the maximum length limit, the maximum number of lines in the dictionary, etc. are in lib \;
If restricted, please clear their meaning after the change, or do not easily modify, in order to avoid the program exception;


1. Supports any number of bits using pure digital, pure lowercase letters or plain uppercase letters.
2. Supports the use of numbers, lowercase letters and uppercase letters Combine any number of bits Blasting dictionary generation.
3. Supports the use of numbers, lowercase letters and uppercase letters 3 combination of any number of bits blasting dictionary generation.
4. Supports the creation of any number of bits using custom characters (including special characters)
5. Supports the use of custom strings, characters to generate a dictionary of all permutations of permutations.
6. Support for the use of special features of the dictionary to generate plug-ins.
7. Supports the specified dictionary prefix (header) and suffix (tail).
8. Support the encoding of the generated dictionary or encryption.
9. Support the specified output directory.
10. Configure file resolution.


git clone && cd pydictor
python -h

Social Engineering Dictionary Builder:
python --sedb


Source: Security List Network™ @ February 17, 2017 at 06:27PM