SCAP Feed Release : 16-Feb-2017

The following SCAP content has been released to SCAP Repo and SecPod Saner Solution. SecPod Saner will automatically pull the relevant content on its next scheduled update. oval:org.secpod.oval:def:112019 CVE-2016-9179 FEDORA-2017-c9828b259c FEDORA-2017-c9828b259c — Fedora 25 lynx-2.8.9-0.14.dev11.fc25 oval:org.secpod.oval:def:112020 FEDORA-2016-87dc28b1a0 FEDORA-2016-87dc28b1a0 — Fedora 25 w3m-0.5.3-27.git20161120.fc25 oval:org.secpod.oval:def:112021 CVE-2017-2586 CVE-2017-2587 CVE-2017-5849 FEDORA-2017-1855c8af2c FEDORA-2017-1855c8af2c — Fedora 25 netpbm-10.77.00-3.fc25 oval:org.secpod.oval:def:112022 CVE-2016-9776 CVE-2017-2615 […]

Source: @ February 16, 2017 at 10:19AM