Derbycon 2016 – Using Binary Ninja for Modern Malware Analysis

After a quick intro and outline we jump into an exciting talk about how to do advanced malware analysis on modern samples. On top of that, we introduce a new reverse engineering tool: Binary Ninja. Typically, IDA pro rules the roost. But IDA is too expensive for most mortals. It’s time for a new tool to take the spot light. We describe a hot, new malware – and discuss how well BN did compared to IDA for analysis. We conclude with advice for further BN development.
Dr. DeMott is a industry leader. Developing Vision (an EDR product), as the CTO of Binary Defense Systems. Mr. Stroschein is a senior malware analysis at Bromium and teacher at DSU. Both are expert security trainers at VDA Labs.
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Source: SecurityTube.Net @ November 29, 2016 at 09:04PM