Derbycon 2016 – Business Developement: The best non-four letter dirty word in infosec.

Everyone today wants to start their own business. I mean Dave Kennedy did it, how hard could it be???? (Love you, Dave!) So you gather your team and you can do the pen-testing, and Jimmy over there can handle Incident Response, right? So what?s the big deal? Why aren?t customers knocking down my door???? Don?t they know how awesome we are!?!?!??!1?11!? Business Development. No, it?s not a dirty word. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT is how you make money. It?s how you put food on the table and a roof over your head. You can do the work. Cool! Where?s the work coming from? You know, those things called?. customers? Let?s address the mysteries of business development. We will take you from the initial meeting in the boardroom, through identification of stakeholders, getting the Statement of Work hammered out and signed, finding the ideal employee, and getting the job done all while effortlessly making the money. We will also cover what happens when you screw up each and every single step of the process, as well. (Trust us, you will! We did!) 🙂 We?ll discuss the differences between a product based business and a service based business, explain the process, the funnel, the problems, the success stories. And it?s all real. Bottom line: Starting a business is easy! Keeping the doors open? Not so much. ?If it was easy, everyone would do it!? – Albert Einstein, or maybe Abraham Lincoln
Scott Lyons: Scott is the V.P. of Business Development for WarCollar Industries. He is a graduate of the school of hard business knocks. He has worked all over the IT industry, from being the client to fulfilling client needs in both commercial and federal sectors. He is an organizer for BSidesCharm and a Goon at ShmooCon, certification holder (won?t say which), and has the work ethic of an OX (without the castration). His passion is people and cigars. Joshua Marpet: Josh is the SVP of Compliance and Managed Services for CyberGRC. He is an accomplished speaker, executive, startup CEO, and graduate of the Mach37 Cyber-accelerator. He is a member of the CEO organizations Mindshare and Missionlink, VP of the Delaware Valley Cloud Security Alliance, one of the primary organizers of Security BSides Delaware, and he sleeps at least 3 hours a night.
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