Derbycon 2016 – Attackers Hunt Sysadmins – It’s time to fight back

What do the NSA, APT groups, and run-of-the-mill attackers have in common? They. Hunt. Sysadmins. After all, what?s a better way to compromise an entire infrastructure than to target the folks with complete and unconstrained access to it? It?s time to fight back. In this talk, we introduce PowerShell Just Enough Administration, a powerful platform capability that lets you add role-based access controls to your existing PowerShell-based remote management infrastructure.
Lee Holmes is the lead security architect of Microsoft’s Enterprise Cloud Group, covering Windows Server, Azure Stack, System Center, and Operations Management Suite. He is author of the Windows PowerShell Cookbook, and an original member of the PowerShell development team.
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Source: SecurityTube.Net @ November 29, 2016 at 09:04PM