Derbycon 2016 – …. and bad mistakes I’ve made a few…..

In an industry that does so much to uncover and expose the mistakes of others. Which don?t get me wrong is a valuable service in helping to increase security by the discovery of these vulnerabilities. It seems everyone though is very shy about pointing out their own failures! I?ve decided that I could help teach others valuable lessons I learned by showcasing three failures I?ve had in Blue Team. Three failures I?ve had in Red Team and three failures I?ve had in this community. I once read that a smart person learns from their mistakes. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others! So please take a moment to listen to me trying to help you become a little bit wiser! 🙂
Jayson E. Street is an author of the ?Dissecting the hack: Series?. Also the DEF CON Groups Global Coordinator. He has also spoken at DEF CON, DerbyCon, UCON and at several other ?CONs and colleges on a variety of Information Security subjects. His life story can be found on Google under ?Jayson E. Street? *He is a highly carbonated speaker who has partaken of Pizza from Beijing to Brazil. He does not expect anybody to still be reading this far but if they are please note he was chosen as one of Time?s persons of the year for 2006.
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Source: SecurityTube.Net @ November 29, 2016 at 09:04PM