usploit v2.0-alpha – Framework penetration testing.

Changelog usploit VERSION 2.0-alpha:
+ rewritten uSploit
+ added new feature: you can now force to keep µSploit running when facing fatal error
+ changed bcolors module name to colors
+ fixed minor bugs
– removed install requirements command
– removed debug command

usploit v2.0-alpha

usploit v2.0-alpha

What is µSploit Framework?
+ µSploit framework is collection of simple penetration testing tools
+ Tools will be used with simple cli
+ µSploit framework is aimed to be easy to use
+ Has been inspired by websploit and metasploit

dependencies: ethtool aircrack-ng ettercap-text-only dsniff xterm driftnet (ubuntu/debian) and of course you will need python 3.usploit

list of modules:
[+] apache_users
[+] arp_dos
[+] arp_spoof
[+] bluetooth_pod
[+] cloudflare_resolver
[+] dir_scanner
[+] dns_spoof
[+] email_bomber
[+] mac_spoof
[+] mitm
[+] network_kill
[+] pma_scanner
[+] port_scanner
[+] web_killer
[+] wifi_jammer

usage and download via git:

git clone && cd usploit

./usploit (makesure all dependencies has been install)



cd usploit

git pull origin master

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