The Alternative 33C3 Venue (Join us if you didn’t get a ticket)

This year, the annual Chaos Communication Congress (known as 33C3), was sold out completely within the first few minutes of its ticket sale.

This left about 2000 people without a ticket. So we decided to organize ourselves and create an event, parallel to the main 33C3, where we will watch the live streaming real time, build cool shit, hang out and have fun.

This way we won’t miss the fun of being in Hamburg, meet wonderful people and presenting our ideas to them, and also discuss the content of 33C3. We might even organise a parallel speaker program 🙂

We have an offer from a venue already, which will have capacity of about 5000m2, enough for 2000 people. It will cost a bit of money and we would rather have it built for the community, by the community. So we are setting up crowdfunding for this.

Our payment should be done at least 2 weeks before the start date, so we need to get moving very quickly. You can help by:

  1. coordination easy. Send an email to us so we can easily invite you when the crowdfunding site is up:

  2. Help get the word out. Every re-share of this initiative would be highly appreciated!

  3. Maybe volunteer to help build up the venue on location? You know setting up tables chairs, lights, help with cleanup efforts etc. It’s a nice way to meet new people, especially if you are shy 🙂

  4. Whatever you would like to contribute 🙂

If you have questions post them below or ping us on twitter using: #33c3#33C3altcngrs

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