Python Script will automatically do the list fetching & testing proxys for you.

Simple Python script for fetching “some” (usable) proxies. It fetches list of public proxies (from here) and automatically finds in a quick manner those usable in that same moment (Note: testing of SOCKS proxies is currently possible only on non-Windows platforms).

Why should you use it? Well, if you’ve ever used free proxy lists around you’ll know the pain of finding actually working proxies. This tool will automatically do the list fetching and proxy testing for you.

fetch some proxy

fetch some proxy

Requirements and dependencies:
+ Linux/Unix Platform
+ Python 2.6 – 2.7.x

Usage and download:

git clone && cd fetch-some-proxies

python2 h



python2 anonymity "anonymous|elite" maxlatency=2 threads=25 country="russia|china|brazil"


Source: Security List Network™ @ November 27, 2016 at 08:59PM