Building a Threat Intelligence Program [New Paper]

Threat Intelligence has made a significant difference in how organizations focus resources on their most significant risks. Yet far too many organizations continue to focus on very tactical use cases for external threat data. These help, but it’s under-utilizing the capabilities and potential of the intelligence. The time has come to advance threat intelligence into the broader and more structured TI program to ensure systematic, consistent, and repeatable value. The program needs to address the dynamic changes in indicators and other signs of attacks, while factoring in the tactics the adversaries.

This Building a Threat Intelligence Program paper can serve as your map to design a program and systematically leverage threat intelligence. That’s what this paper is all about: turning tactical use cases into a strategic TI capability to allow your organization to detect attacks faster.

TIPR Cover

We’d like to thank our awesome licensees, Anomali, Digital Shadows, and BrightPoint Security for supporting our Totally Transparent Research model. This allows us to think objectively about how to leverage new technology in systematic programs that make your security consistent and repeatable.

You can access the paper in the research library.

– Mike Rothman
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Source: Security Bloggers Network @ June 30, 2016 at 05:19PM