3 Features Your Small Business Website Needs to Have (IT Toolbox Blogs)

The website of your company is the first thing your potential customers will go to when they want to see what your business is really about. Even if you run your business offline, you still need to have a powerful online presence because it is a great marketing tool for your business. Your website is a way to introduce yourself to your potential customers and, at the same time, keep your current customers engaged.

Deepening on what industry you are in and what type of business you run, you need to customize your website with proper content and tools. If you have a brick and mortar clothing store, your website will need to have information about your business, images of your clothing and perhaps an events and news section. If you run an online clothing store, you will need everything that you would need for the brick and mortar store website, plus a shopping cart and a payment gateway.

Regardless of what type of business your company does, for creating your website you are going to need a good website builder and some basic items that every small business website needs to have.

User-Friendly Navigation

You need to make sure that your website is easy to navigate through, so that potential customers can find what they are looking for quickly. The most important thing is to keep it simple, because a functional and clean design is more appealing to visitors. The navigation should be easy, and menus should be clearly labeled and intuitive to follow. Your calls to action need to be strong; for instance “Shop now” is much stronger than “Browse store”.

Also use buttons rather than text, as this will make your calls to action really stand out. Design your website for mobile, because more and more users are browsing with their mobile devices. Also, sitemaps are important, so include one on your website.

Important Information about Your Business

If you want your business to communicate successfully with your potential customers, there are several questions that need to be covered. The first one is: “Who are you?” This is where customers will learn what your business is all about, so introduce them to the team that is behind your brand and make sure to share your mission statement. The next one is: “What do you offer?” Here you will talk about the services or products you are offering in great detail. After that you need to give the answer to the question: “Where can your customers purchase your services and products?”


For instance, if your small business is offline, give directions to your shop, and if it is online direct them to your shop or sign up form. But, if it is a mixture of both, give them places where your brand can be found. The next question is: “Why is your business important?” This is where you need to explain to your customers why you are better than the competition and highlight all the important things you have to offer. In the end, tell your customers when and how they can reach you. If you are an offline business, list your working hours and if you are an online one, let your customers know when your customer service is available.

Engaging and Relevant Content

Additional relevant and related content on your website is a good way to attract more visitors. You can visit similar websites that are in the same industry as you and see what the most common questions that users need answers to are. You can even use a keyword tool like Google Adwords Keyword Planner and find out what potential customers are searching for online. When you find out what those keywords are, create engaging content for those themes. Make your content shareable – think of it as a marketing tool that motivates your visitors to spread the word about your business.


Today, simply having an online presence is not enough. Your website should not only be an extension of your brand, it should be an integral part of your brand. So, do everything you can to keep your first-time visitors and your returning visitors engaged online, because you will be one step closer to turning them into loyal customers.

Source: SANS ISC SecNewsFeed @ June 24, 2016 at 07:12AM