CRM Gets Social (IT Toolbox Blogs)

It’s pretty safe to say that, these days, most people under a certain age live their lives online. They will frequently check their social media accounts to find out what is trending, and make decisions based on what they have read. Sometimes they will even contribute to online discussions, voicing opinions on their likes and dislikes. Putting all that information out there has its advantages. Businesses are utilizing Social Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to engage with their customers on a whole new level.

What Is Social CRM?

Social CRM helps businesses interact with customers through different social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It’s basically an enhanced form of CRM software that helps cement customer relationships. Extending CRM to social media allows companies to develop a deeper understanding of their customers needs, which is crucial in terms of delivering a better customer experience.

Research and Review Generation

With so much information available to customers, it’s no wonder they are reading online reviews before deciding whether or not to take the plunge and buy the product. People are making the most of social media to help them make informed decisions and businesses can do the same with their customers. Profiling purchasers preferences will help your company develop more effective marketing strategies, including personalized marketing initiatives. Also, having an online presence in the social media world gives you the advantage of responding to negative comments promptly and, if necessary, identifying ways to improve products and services.

Better Customer Support

Developing good relationships with your customers is fundamental to achieving long-term success. This goal is no longer limited to a phone call, as businesses now have the option of communicating and supporting their customers on social platforms. Establishing how happy they are with your services and actively looking for ways to meet their expectations is necessary to improve customer services and retain customers. When people know their opinions count, they feel valued. Naturally, this will help them see your company in a positive light.

Retaining Customers

Businesses now invest more time in keeping their current customers than chasing new ones. This is a cost-effective approach since those who are already on board are more likely to buy what you are offering. CRM solutions help businesses develop good relationships with their customers, which is why so many companies have invested in this software over the years. Now social CRM is being embraced by multiple businesses because they know that reaching out to customers on these platforms is essential for growth.

Social Media for Success

The prevalence of social media has taken the world by storm. In the age of technology, lots of people enjoy communicating with friends and acquaintances on a social platform. This has given companies the opportunity to advertise their products and services as people catch up with the latest gossip. It has become an effective method because online sales are increasing and are only expected to increase further. In addition, this software is cost effective because you get all the benefits of CRM with the additional social element. Having this seamless software all in one place increases accuracy and efficiency.

Companies that invest in social CRM could well be sitting on a goldmine. This technology will allow you to engage with customers on a more personal level, strengthening relationships and securing sales.

Source: SANS ISC SecNewsFeed @ May 31, 2016 at 12:09PM